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High Pressure gases
High pressure gases are widely used in industry and classified by the condition of the gas in storage as compressed gases, liquefied gases, dissolved gases and cryogenic gases.They are also classified by it hazardous characteristics as flammable gases, vigorously supports combustion gases, poisonous gases, corrosive gases and inert gases.
Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Acetylene, Hydrogen ,Helium, Chlorine, Ammonia, Fluorocarbon

Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Liquefied Petroleum Gases are used for home heating, for industrial heat generation, automotive Fuel and home cooking.
Propane, Butane, Methane, Ethylene

Semiconductor gases
Semiconductor gases are used in semiconductor manufacturing processes.Gases are offered in a single component or as mixtures.
Monosilane, Arsine, Diborane, Phosphine, Hydrogen Sulfide, Trifluoroamine, Hydrogen Bromide

Medical Gases
Oxygen and Nitrous oxide are known for medical use. Nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other sterilization gases are part of medical gases.
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