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We design, develop and install gas equipments and gas supply system to meet our customers needs.
When building a supply system for invisible gasses, it is necessary to consider safety, maintenance, and future expansion plans, etc. according to the plant size and the utilization of the gas.
Based on our history of experience, we support our customers in designing, construction and installation of gas system and equipments to best meet our customers' individual needs.

【Products and Services】
   Gas Piping Design and Installation
   Gas Piping Design and Installation for High Purity Gases
   High Pressure Gas Supply System
   Various Gas Plants
   Cylinder Cabinet
   High Pressure Gas Equipments for Research
   Centralized Control System for Gas Tank Levels and Gas Leak Warning System
   Refrigerant Charging Equipments
   Refrigerant Recovery Devices
   Automotive Air Conditioner Refrigerant Measuring Devices
   Mobile Hydrogen Charging Equipments
   Fuel Cell Testing Devices
   Natural Refrigerant Charging Equipments (Propane, Butane and Carbon Dioxide)
   Canister Loading-Purging Testing Equipments
   DME Supplying System
   Gas Equipments
   Testing Equipments
   Industrial Quantity Gas Supply
Gas Equipments
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